FOSS Factory Improvements
Use a customizable templating engine
Separate site config, branding, data from Fossfactory-src
Bug p327
Automatic payout if lead is absent
Bug p319
Bug p303
Allow updating email address and name
Improve Usability
Partial submission acceptance
Financial transaction log
Bug p261
Project Lead Lock
Bug p217
Better cross-browser CSS rendering
make links active
corporate factory
Negative 1-cent bounties
N's submission is under review
Fix exchange rates
Messed up formatting
multiple parent projects to same subproject
Update repository names for gitweb
Hold on deposited funds
List of watchers
contractual payment
Don't auto-insert attachment filenames
Trac plugin
change paypal payment system to customized one
Unachievable duties
custom links capability
404 when adding funds
No default for allotments
Improve "my projects" page
Bad behaviour for Enter key
Activity tab not updating
Include post body in notification emails
Credit project creators
Binary submission diffs
Notify about increased funding
Streamline subproject creation for PL
Streamline reqmts changes for PL
Implicit watching for PL
consistent color coding
Faster new project deletion
Better URLs
Watching for post replies
UI for Sending FF update emails
Adding more featured projects list
Request design work
Wrong confirmation page for fake deposits
Cloning upstream repository
No emails to self
Project Lead Inheritance
Deleting junk projects
Show who got paid for what
edit project/bug name after creation
Bug tracker improvements
Don't reload the whole page when tabs are selected.
Related Projects navigation
Recent Projects
Recursive Auto-watch
News Feed emails
Project news page
Thermometer Improvements
Allow Lead to Resign
Donating to charities
Git Integration
Conceding a Dispute
Minor bugs which may/may not need a seperate project.
RSS feed for project list
Facebook Application
Comment/Submission preview
Email notification of Project Lead removal
Make duties more visible
Voting for multiple projects
Funding Thermometer