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Some day, video editing using Free Open Source Software will be as common as word processing, once bandwidth hits a sweet spot.   That day has not arrived yet, so we are getting ready for that day now at the Digital Tipping Point.   We are giving away 360 hours of video featuring cool and interesting Penguinistas and GNUsters, as well as prominent politicians like the Mayor of Munich (Christian Ude) and Gilberto Gil, who was the Culture Minister of Brazil.   We need help with creating a check-in system and on-line video editing collaboration tool.   We need to be able to coordinate the editing of video, and, equally important, to have a MetaVid / Kaltura / Jumpcut / Eyespot tool that will help people get excited about creating video shorts and even feature-length documentaries together!
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1. Download the code

This project has no Git repository. If you are the project lead, you should probably give it one by using the ff init command. This command will allow you to clone an upstream Git repository, or to create one from a source directory on your local filesystem.

2. Make your changes

If you need an introduction to Git, the Git homepage is a good place to start.

In short, just edit the code and commit your changes (to your local repository) using git commit. Note that when it's time to submit your work, only committed changes will be part of the submission.

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sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/ff
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/ff

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4. Set up Git write-access

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ff setup

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ff submit p96

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