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Allow submissions to be partially accepted.
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Allow submissions to be partially accepted.

Motivation: It's sometimes tedious or unintuitive to break down projects into subprojects in anticipation of partial work.   In this case, it would be nice to allow developers to submit partial project solutions, instead of breaking up the requirements ahead of time.   Also, if code is submitted that mostly works, but has a few bugs, those bugs may require complete rejection of the submission, which doesn't help anybody.

Here's my proposed solution:
- When submitting code, developers may indicate their opinion of how complete the solution is.   The default is 100%.   If they select less than 100%, they are encouraged to explain why in their submission comments.
- When the PM accepts any submission, they may indicate their opinion of how complete it is.   The default is whatever the developer selected.
- If the PM selects a value lower than the developer selected, then the developer is notified, and asked to confirm the PM's assessment.
- When a consensus on the completeness is reached, a subproject is created describing the partial solution, and it is allocated the chosen portion of its parent project's bounty.   The submission is moved into that subproject, and fully accepted.   Care should be taken not to generate spurious notification emails, as would happen if this process were performed manually.
- Disputes regarding the partial acceptance must be made directly on the newly created subproject.

As soon as a solution is identified as partial, either by the developer or by the PM, the project lead has the option to accept other submissions; this will prevent the project from stalling while parties assess the completeness of the solution.

NOTE: Submissions to this project will not be accepted until this note is removed.

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