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Provide users with a record of their financial transactions.
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Provide users with a record of their financial transactions.

On the My Reserve page, there should be a tool for displaying the log of all financial transactions that have affected the user's reserve.   The log should be in table format with five columns: Date/Time, Description, Increase, Decrease, Balance.   If a given transaction contains both an increase and a decrease (in different currencies) then both columns should be populated.   Otherwise, one or the other should be blank.   The Increase, Decrease and Balance columns should be in the format produced by the format_money() function.   The Description column should display the contents of the database column transaction_log.description.

For now, the following useful features are not required:
 - The ability to filter the log to a single currency. (For aesthetic purposes.)
 - The ability to filter the transactions by date range.
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