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ATLAS/LAPACK Cygwin Build Script

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Building ATLAS ( on Windows is difficult, building it without depending on the Cygwin runtime is even more difficult. This bounty is for creating a shell script that builds a combined ATLAS/LAPACK library inside Cygwin 1.7.7-1 or newer on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)/Vista/XP using MinGW. Its purpose is to make building ATLAS on Windows easier. The script will be added to the Math.NET Numerics project under an X11/MIT license (



The final payment was made to whaley on Mon, Jun 18, 2012. This project is complete; no new sponsorships or submissions will be accepted. You can continue to use the forums for discussion purposes.

Submitted by whaley [COMPLETE]
Submission notes:
Hi, this is Clint Whaley (main ATLAS author).   I believe I have modified ATLAS to do what you want out-of-the-box, with the just-released 3.9.79.

Once you download atlas3.9.79.tar.bz2 and lapack tarfile, you need only use the standard --with-lapack-tarfile= flag, along with the MinGW flags discussed on pages 29-31 of the included ATLAS/doc/atlas_install.pdf.   ATLAS can now build both 32- and 64-bit libs using native Windows threading, and AFAIK have no dependence on any cygwin.   I'm looking for someone to confirm that the resulting libraries have no dependences left (they link properly using MinGW, but I don't use Windows myself, so I haven't seen if they link using MSVC++ or Intel compiler outside of the cygwin enviro).


Nice :) by davispuh on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 05:20 EDT
thanks that you implemented this and sorry that I couldn't finish it... (really didn't had time for it) also who else could do it faster and better than author :D when I started there were needed really lot of patch's, and can't say it was bugless, took me hours to figure that crash was because of buffer overflow in compsflags which used fixed buffer, thankfully it got fixed in later version... and it wasn't only bug I encountered...
great! by cuda on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 14:08 EDT (1 reply)
I'll test it in a couple days.

Re: great! by cuda on Fri, Jun 15, 2012 @ 11:13 EDT
FYI: 3.10.0 released by whaley on Wed, Jul 11, 2012 @ 03:17 EDT

I have released 3.10.0 (new ATLAS stable), which now also includes the ability to build .lib files, thanks to the help of:

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