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Who is this product designed for? What ranges of behaviors, usage patterns, domain/technical expertise are we designing for?



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Who is this product designed for? What ranges of behaviors, usage patterns, domain/technical expertise are we designing for?

Creating a persona addresses all of that

IMPORTANT NOTE: persona creation is not a guesswork, rather it is based on research, interviews and extensive data gathering and analysis.   Right now I'm the only one working on this project.. as such.. I'll be relying on my own expereince (I've been frequenting gyms for more than 14 years.. thus I can be considered a subject matter expert). However, if we get more resources it is very probable that we may be able to revisit the part of the analysis phase and give it more attention.

(typical steps for persona creation:
1. identify behavioral variables
2. map interview subjects to behavioral variables
3. identify siginifcant behavioral patterns
4. synthesize characters and relevant goals
5. check for completeness and redundancy
6. expand description of attributes and behaviours"
7. designate persona types

for more detail see "About Face 3: the essentials of interaction design by Alan cooper p 98)

Persona hypothesis:
1. What different sorts of people might use this product?
2. How might their needs and behaviours vary?
3. What ranges of behaviour and types of environments need to be explored?

This product will be used by a lot of different kinds of people.   For now we are focusing on iPhone or Ipod touch users who either already go to the gym actively (ie 5-7 times a week).. people who go moderately (ie 2-4 times as week).. or people who rarely go (ie <=1 times a week).   We even target those who don't go to the gym at all, but at least have the intention of losing weight or getting toned or getting in shape etc.

Needs will vary in different ways.. we have some who are already in shape but they want to become truly chizzled, others who are in a bit of good shape but know they got a long way to go.. and others who know they're totally out of shape and they just want a relative improvement (ie lost 20 pounds.. be able to do 10 pull ups etc).

we want this app to be usable for all sorts of environments.. we want it to be useful for people who want to work out at home or at the gym.

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