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fit builder is by far a lot better in terms of usability and content than ifitines.. the industry leader.   It seems that the pricing is what made it suffer in sales.

However when it comes to usability.. I noticed that the fitbuilder's small buttons (it's better when you have a landscape view of the phone.. but the problem is still there) makes it hard to tap into buttons in the middle of the work out.. which is especially annoying when you are following a time sensitive workout at the gym..

while small buttons may not be a problem while u're testing the app in the comfort of your home with a bare iphone.. it certainly is when the iphone is attached to your arm and is covered in plastic which makes it harder to click on the buttons..

moral: our buttons.. especially those used while the user is in the middle of hte workout, must be big and easy and accessible.

also when you are about to do an exercise.. you still have to tap on the screen and chose "track" then go to another screen that shows you a table with rows that have the last workouts u had.. "ifitness", in the other hand... shows a statistics table (yet to be tested).. which makes more sense.. it places more emphasis on your workout progress.. which is paramount.

i think one thing both programs fail to realize is that people using their apps are in generally two modes.. one is when they want to learn how a work out works (thus the video and the instructions would be nice to have..) and one is when they know what they all look like and they just want to jump to action.. (which is the vast majority of hte case.. how many times do u have to tell people how to do pushups).. in the second mode (let's call it action mode).. the screen should emphasize making it easy to record reps and weights.. and make a clear connection with the previous workout statistics.. i think this is key


another observation is that in both programs.. very little is said or done to give clients a complete workout plan.. the ifitness routines are a handful at best and are very limited.. and the ones in fit builder are a lot more workouts.. but with little connection between them.. i'm yet to see the other programs out there.. but i think that's an important gap to be filled

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