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i found some of these complaints online:
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i found some of these complaints online:

summary of complaints:
from expert body builders:
1. many basic workouts don't exist
2. misleading categories (arms?)
3. bad logging (debatable)
4. no clock at top or timer

from novice body builders:
1. missing excercies
2. can't list the same workout twice in the same workout
3. can't plan reps and sets ahead of time without having to log them until they're actually done.. (THIS MERITS FURTHER EXPLORATION.. B/C IT'S VERY IMPORTANT)

I am a regular Gym rat and after having this post I have tried out iFitness for … well what it tries to do. Unfortunately I have to say that this app is totally useless for anyone. I would *NOT* recommend it for even the beginners.

The interface is far from intuitive, but let’s not even get into that.
The biggest problem with this kind of app is that when people go to the Gym, they often find the exercises they want to do themselves depending on the equipment of their own gym. Or that they can learn from the people there or if they have read about the exercises online.

The categories are completely misleading. Having an “Arms” already signifies how the developers have no clue about working out (there are at least 4 different major muscle groups in your arms). I spent 5 minutes looking into the build in exercises, and I could not for the life of me figure out how could so many of the basic exercises are not even there. Yes you can add your own workouts/exercises, but in reality a simple list or notepad would do a much better job.

The logging is nearly useless, if you actually try to use it.
They shouldn’t even try to advertise it in their app.
iFitness is an app that tries to do a bunch of things, but does none of them well (or far from it).

Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is the truth.
Now to be a little fair, the other gym apps aren’t great either.

As a regular gym goer, and someone who always help out people in the gym, I highly recommend AGAINST this app.

- I gotta agree with you. I am NOT a gym rat and stil find it has many basic shortcomings. Some of the missing exercises are nobrainers. The logging is fine, but why can’t I create a custom “routine”. Why can’t I list the same exercise twice in one workout? Why can’t I plan my reps and sets ahead of time without having to “log” them until they are actually done?


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