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competitor analysis of ifitness
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competitor analysis of ifitness

Ifitness is indeed a very impressive application.   It is very simple to use.. and pretty much has everything one would desire at a basic level at least from a work out assistant.. however I found the following things lacking:
1. There is no mention what-so-ever of a nutritional plan.. a recipe for disaster (pun intended)
2. no forum: they show some complicated moves, with only videos (at best) to explain them..

I think this point here is key.. and it really could be the difference between a generic basic app and some serious app that can really help people out.. let's take the lat pulldown as an example:

in the application.. the lat pull down has two pics.. a pic of a person in the concentric position (arms pulled down the chest) and the eccentric position (arms stretched).. in the explanation you get the following:

step 1: sitting on a bench, grab a bar with a false overhand - thumb on the same side as your fingers - shoulder-width grip

step 2: as you pull your shoulder blades together and down, while sticking your chest out, pull the bar to your chest.   Then, pause wit hteh bar an inch or so from your chest, and slowly let it rise to where it began. throughout, keep your chest out.

Now this is all fair and dandy.. but if you talk to a serious trainer s/he will explain tha the motion is a bit more complicated than that.. you will have to extend your arms and pull down using ur shoulder blades and back all the way down keeping your arms straight (imagine that your elbows are chupped off and that a wire is connecting the handle with your shoulders), only once you've exhausted the range of motion of your back and shoulder should you bend your elbow and kinda use your biceps.. otherwise you're not isolating the back muscle and u're using your biceps..

that's a detailed explanation.. and regardless of how much info we can put in the explanation of an exercise.. we want to open the room for other people to ask and answer (we can potentiall put a side for ask the experts.. connect it with real life trainers etc in exchange of advertising for them.. that sounds like a long shot but you see were i'm coming from).   point is that we can put a lot more info to begin with, and we can open the room for even more info to pour in.. again working out is an art/science that is continually evolving.. and ifitness doesn't accommodate that.

that's all for now

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