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create a good work out application on the iphone..
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create a good work out application on the iphone..

features must include
1. users must be able to CUSTOMIZE their own workout.. no matter how outlandish it is.. if they're into balance training, yoga, strength training, power training, p90x, or any fad workout out there.. the application must be
1.1 user friendly enough that my grandma can customize
1.2 flexible.. so little assumptions

2. nutritional support
most people out there work out but have crappy diets.. thus they never reach their goals.. ask any self respecting trainer or self help book whatever and they'll tell you you MUST MONITOR your diet.. esp at the beginning.. this app most honour that request
more details about this piece later

3. forums
i don't know why most apps these days are one way.. as in.. i'm the trainer.. i know everything, and u do what i tell u to do.. but what if the user has bad form? how will they get feedback from the virtual trainer? anyways point is working out is a whole world and there are several different opinions an almost EVERYTHING.. so it helps if we can hear more than one side of the story.. ON A FORUM.. and yeah make it a contextual forum.. so if the user is looking at benchpress, i don't wanna see people discussing love handles

4. goals goals GOALS
the corner stone of getting in shape is goal setting.. the program must do everything it can to support that.. as a matter of fact in my opinion the problem this app solves is helping people easily record, monitor and analyze their goals and their progress vis a vis their goals.. i'm yet to find a good iphone app that supports this.. but we'll see.

5. desktop app: there is only so much an iphone app can store.. and people need to see the "big picture".. so a desktop app is in order to track progress.. people usually export the info from their app via email or csv whatever, and then plug it back into excel.. we can automate that process all together

anyway these are just some tidbits.. i will have a lot more to say as i gather more ideas and see what's out there.. my first step: competitor analysis..

please feel free to comment!

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