Voice and Video for Pidgin

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rlaager (1844 credits)



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Add support for voice and video chat in Pidgin.   It must work using the MSN, XMPP, SIP, AIM and Yahoo messenger protocols, and it must work at least as fully and reliably as the most current proprietary clients.
p87 critical complete rlaager 0 % US $0.00 XMPP Video
p89 high pending rlaager 0 % US $0.00 MSN Video
p91 low pending rlaager 33.3 % US $493.28 Yahoo Video
p93 medium pending rlaager 33.3 % US $493.29 AIM Video
p119 enhancement pending rlaager 0 % US $234.22 chanelling users donations to this project via IM
p178 low pending rlaager 33.4 % US $494.74 SIP Video

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