Voice and Video for Pidgin

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US $141.19(Sponsor Project)

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Add support for voice and video chat in Pidgin.   It must work using the MSN, XMPP, SIP, AIM and Yahoo messenger protocols, and it must work at least as fully and reliably as the most current proprietary clients.
UsernameSponsorshipCreditsAssigned To
fmoo US $65.17 65 rlaager
bsnow US $21.57 22 self
asaikali C $15.06 15 self
saivann US $11.57 12 self
Seize EUR 8.03 12 self
aaronwinborn US $7.94 8 self
mcagnoli EUR 5.66 8 self
mrudat US $5.00 5 self
cburschka US $1.34 1 self
Roosmaa EUR 0.34 1 self
abbood US $0.21 0 self
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