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The final payment was made to jjgignac on Mon, Oct 20, 2008. This project is complete; no new sponsorships or submissions will be accepted. You can continue to use the forums for discussion purposes.

Project ID: p113

Git repository:

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1. Download the code

This project currently has no Git repository, but this related project has one. To work on this project, you will probably want to start by downloading the related Git repository as follows:

git clone

If it asks you for a password, enter "guest". If you are the project lead for this project, consider creating its own Git repository using the ff init command.

2. Make your changes

If you need an introduction to Git, the Git homepage is a good place to start.

In short, just edit the code and commit your changes (to your local repository) using git commit. Note that when it's time to submit your work, only committed changes will be part of the submission.

3. Install the ff Script

To submit your changes, you'll need to install the ff script on your local system. This script provides a command-line interface for several FOSS Factory features. Feel free to view the script before installing it.

To install it, just place it anywhere in your path and make sure it's executable. For example, if you are running Ubuntu, you could type this:

sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/ff
sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/ff

To use the script, start by typing ff help. You can get more detailed help on any of the commands by typing ff help <command>.

4. Set up Git write-access

To gain special access to FOSS Factory's Git repositories, type:

ff setup

This will transfer your SSH public key to the FOSS Factory server. Note that you will only have push access to repositories for which you are the project lead, and to your own code submission repositories.

5. Submit your work

To make a submission to this project, type:

ff submit p113

This will prompt you for your submission comments, then it will create the submission. The project lead will be notified automatically.

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