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A piece of integration code that simplifies the process of uploading photos from a camera to a web site.



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A piece of integration code that simplifies the process of uploading photos from a camera to a web site.

The system should allow my mother-in-law to plug a camera into her computer and have it automatically upload photos to some web site or other without any further interaction.   After perhaps an initial installation, the component doesn't need to ask for anything.   It needs to work on Ubuntu linux (currently on my mother-in-law's computer) which I guess means gnome.   Windows compatibility would be a good idea.

It's acceptable to require participation from the web site.   It would also be cool to robot through (eg) Flickr, Plentyoffish, and Facebook so that it works with major sites without any convincing of site operators.

It's a good idea to make a small optional GUI that allows the user to select which of preconfigured list of sites the photos will go to.   This should be basically radio buttons.   So you would plug in the camera, a GUI pops up with a list of radio buttons: Flickr, Plentyoffish, Facebook.   You click Flickr, and after a while your browser pops up with a Flickr page.

-My mother-in-law has no technical aptitude, training or interest, so this has to be really really simple
-My mother-in-law may be male or female
-s/he's going to make me set it up for him/her, that's fine, but should still be simple
-it shouldn't upload the contents of a usb pen drive if one gets plugged in
-every site with photo upload capability should be using this

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