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Please provide a MythTV front-end for the Wii.
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Please provide a MythTV front-end for the Wii.

The front-end should provide convenient access to all the usual features and settings of any mythTV front-end, and it should be completely controllable using a Wii remote.

The front-end should be runnable from the Wii Homebrew channel.   It is acceptable for it to require a USB ethernet adaptor.

An option must be available to install the front-end as its own Wii channel, so I don't have to go into the Homebrew channel each time.   The MythTV front-end channel should be basically a stripped-down version of the Homebrew channel that just loads the MythTV homebrew program from SD.   If the SD card is absent, or if the MythTV front-end program is not found on the SD card, then the user should be prompted with an error, after which the loader should return to the Wii menu.

I'm willing to pay $50 for this program to save me the trouble of doing it myself.   Anyone interested, please add to the bounty so we can get this done sooner!   If you know anyone working on this already, please point them here so they can submit their solution here and collect the bounty.   If you know anyone else who wants this feature, please point them here so they can augment the bounty!

I've created a bunch of subprojects to help break up the work.

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