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Determine Either the API or Method  [go]

Should we access the video buffer directly?   Or should be use a Windows API (I heard there's one for this type of thing)   How exactly will we be accessing the data from the webcam, frame by frame.

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Capture Process Optimization  [go]

Video Memory vs. Main Board memory.   Hi-res versus Low-Res, how high of a resolution do we need, the assumption being to do with as low a res as possible, to free up resources for other CPU intensive methods down the road.

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Determine Data Structure of Rasters  [go]

How should they be stored?   In an array, custom class, dictionary, etc.   Much more to be discussed here.

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Determine Caching Method  [go]

It is as of yet unknown to what level a history should be kept, and beyond the obvious last frame, we could need more especially when it comes to occlusion.   And, if we need more, how should the cache be updated, FIFO, (first in first out) some kind of stack etc.

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