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Username: mandyke
Name: Daniel Hartwig

Projects that mandyke leads:

 Project Name  Bounty
Use a customizable templating engine  [go]

Update Fossfactory to use a customizable templating engine.

  C $14.83
Multi-arch support  [go]

Aptitude contains basic support for multi-arch.   This sub-project funds development on better support.

  C $14.90
Test cases for multi-arch  [go]

Produce a set of automated test cases for multi-arch support.   The cases must test all aspects of multi-arch mentioned in the specification and prove aptitude's implementation.

  C $8.94
LP-831768: cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled  [go]

The problem resolver in aptitude fails hard on multi-arch systems.   Almost any dependency problem leads to only one solution offered: remove all foreign-arch packages.

  C $0.00
Aptitude package manager: problem resolver  [go]

Aptitude includes a highly configurable, interactive problem resolver which finds solutions to package dependency problems.   This project is for development of the problem resolver, including fixing some of the usability issues it currently has.

  C $0.00
Aptitude package manager: general development  [go]

This is a container project for general development work on the aptitude package manager.

  C $74.50
Test cases for handling of auto-installed  [go]

Produce a set of automated test cases which demonstrate correct and incorrect handling of auto-installed status by the complete set of aptitude command line actions.

  C $1.49
Bug-613775: MarkInstall calls with FromUser set to false  [go]

All calls to MarkInstall, MarkKeep, MarkDelete, … should set FromUser correctly to indicate the origin of the action.   It is believed that this will resolve many of the existing problems with faulty handling of auto-installed status.

  C $3.73
Japanese localization of site interface  [go]

To sample the i18n interface, provide a complete Japanese (ja_JP) localization.   Requires the i18n interface project [1] to be completed first.

  C $1.56
Separate site config, branding, data from Fossfactory-src  [go]

Assist deploying instances of Fossfactory-src by separating site config, branding, and data from the main source tree.

  C $44.50
fix handling of auto-installed  [go]

Many actions incorrectly change the auto-installed status of some packages.   It becomes difficult to keep track of packages and maintain a clean system.

  C $7.45
Fix handling of holds  [go]

Aptitude's hold status is distinct to other apt front ends, which use the dpkg status.   The goal of this sub-project is to implement 'aptitude hold pkg' in the same way that other front ends do.

  C $29.70
Integration test framework  [go]

Port the integration test framework from apt to aptitude.

  C $7.45
I18n  [go]

Internationalization of FOSS Factory using standard PHP modules.

  C $15.52
I18n of site interface  [go]

Internationalize of all FOSS Factory interface elements.

  C $9.31
Translatable project requirements  [go]

Provide an interface for translating project requirements.   Content is translated in one specific block.   As such, a custom storage is preferred rather than using gettext.

  C $3.11
French l10n of site interface  [go]

To sample the i18n interface, provide a complete French (fr_FR) localization.   Requires the i18n interface project [1] to be completed first.

  C $1.55

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