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Username: jjgignac
Name: John-Paul Gignac

Projects that jjgignac leads:

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Project Lead Inheritance  [go]

Add a checkbox when creating new subprojects that gives the creator the option not to be project lead.

  C $0.00
Binary submission diffs  [go]

When the "ff submit" command is used to make a submission, the submitted diff omits changes to binary files.

  C $0.00
Activity tab not updating  [go]

The activity tab on project pages seems to have stopped updating.

  C $0.00
Bug p303  [go]

The "Sponsor Project" button should not be present in completed projects.

  C $0.00
404 when adding funds  [go]

Attempting to add/increase sponsorship leads to error page.

  C $0.00
Don't auto-insert attachment filenames  [go]

when attaching images to a post, the post body shouldn't contain the file names

  C $0.00
No emails to self  [go]

When automatic emails are sent out, exclude the member whose activity caused the email.

  C $0.00
N's submission is under review  [go]

When a submission is made, the project page says "N's submission is under review..."   It should say the username of the submitter.

  C $0.00
UI for Sending FF update emails  [go]

Add a UI for the administrator to be able to send update emails to everyone who is subscribed to the news or promos lists.

  C $0.00
Bug p83  [go]

When a new subproject is created and the project lead tries to set the allocation to 0%, the duty does not get deleted.   A workaround is to set the allocation to 1%, then set it back to 0%.

  C $0.00
Sorting the bug tracker  [go]

On the bugs/subprojects page, allow sorting by any of the columns.

  C $0.00
Better cross-browser CSS rendering  [go]

Mozilla based browsers seem to have rounded borders using CSS. This should be updated to work in other browsers supporting this feature.

  C $0.00
Bad behaviour for Enter key  [go]

hitting enter on the subject line should take the user to the post body, rather than submit the form

  C $0.00
FOSS Factory Web API  [go]

Create an API that facilitates integration of FOSS Factory elements in other websites.   This is intended as a proposed alternative to the landing page described in p126.

  C $0.00
Bug p77  [go]

I'm using this project to test the bug tracking system.

  C $0.00
Truncated submit comments  [go]

When the ff submit command is used to make a submission, the submission comments get truncated.

  C $0.00
Wii Linux X11 Desktop  [go]

Please provide a shell script that automatically sets up an SD card for booting a homebrew-enabled Wii into a Linux X11 desktop environment.

  C $0.00
Include post body in notification emails  [go]

When somebody posts to a discussion forum, include the author and the full message body in all notification emails.

  C $0.00
Credit project creators  [go]

The creator of a project needs to be credited both in the notification email and on the project page.

  C $0.13
Bug p262  [go]

Improve ``linkification''.

  C $0.00
FOSS Factory Landing Page  [go]

In order for the link from Pidgin to make sense, we need a special landing page on FOSS Factory with certain special features.

  C $0.00
Basic project adoption  [go]

Create a new function in db.php called ff_adoptproject().

  C $0.00
Bug p217  [go]   C $0.00
Email notification of Project Lead removal  [go]

When a project lead of a certain project is removed due to a missed deadline an email must be sent out to all members watching that project notifying them of the project lead's removal.

  C $0.00
Unachievable duties  [go]

Duties that are unachievable should not be counted in the page template.

  C $0.00
Command-line tools  [go]

One of FOSS Factory's design goals has been to integrate smoothly with the way our users already work.   From the developer's standpoint, I don't think we've accomplished that goal very well.   So the purpose of this project is to create command-line tools for performing common FOSS Factory operations.   This will also help to make the Git integration much smoother.

  C $0.00
Push completed projects to bottom  [go]

When sorting by priority, completed projects should be at the bottom.

  C $0.00
Bug p198  [go]

The program says it will open/import an EPS. However, I've found that it won't even open an EPS created by Inkscape!

  C $0.00
Non-optional auto-watch  [go]

This subproject is intended as a first-step toward the more complicated interface of the parent project.

  C $0.00
Don't reload the whole page when tabs are selected.   [go]

Don't reload the whole page when tabs are selected.

  C $0.00
Convenience function  [go]

Go through the code and change all references to project.php to use a convenience function for constructing the URL.

  C $0.00
Streamline subproject creation for PL  [go]

Avoid the extra allotment step when a project lead creates a new subproject of his/her own project.

  C $0.00
Automatic payout if lead is absent  [go]

If a project submission is made when there is no project lead, or if the position becomes vacant (for any reason) while a submission is pending, the submission should be accepted automatically.

  C $0.00
Deleting junk projects  [go]

Add a way of deleting junk projects.

  C $0.00
Make duties more visible  [go]

Currently, a project lead's duties are not obvious when they're browsing the site.   Each duty is emailed to them once, but then they don't receive any more notice unless they explicitly visit their duties page and actually pay attention.

  C $0.00
No default for allotments  [go]

When the PL needs to allot a bounty to a subproject, don't prepopulate the number "0".

  C $0.00
Wrong confirmation page for fake deposits  [go]

When a person deposits money directly into their reserve from the fake PayPal (on a sandbox install of the site), it brings them to a page that thanks them for creating a project.   It needs to bring them to the correct page.

  C $0.00
Tracking recent projects  [go]

The deliverable for this subproject is just the code for tracking the recent projects in the cookie, as described by the parent project.

  C $0.00
Notify about increased funding  [go]

Whenever somebody sponsors, or increases their sponsorship on a project, everyone watching the project should be notified.

  C $0.00
Update repository names for gitweb  [go]

Make sure that whenever a git repository is created, or when the name of a project is changed, the git repository name is maintained correctly.   This will ensure that gitweb will display the right repo descriptions.

  C $0.00
Messed up formatting  [go]

The formatting of project titles and the box of information under them is messed up.   Please redo the HTML (redesign if necessary) to get it to look right.

  C $0.00
Recursive Auto-watch  [go]

Add an option on every watch to automatically watch all newly created subprojects.

  C $0.00
Better URLs  [go]

The URLs for project pages are ugly.   Using CGI GET-style parms makes the project page URL look temporary.   We should use URLs that are nicer to enter and provide a sense of permanence.

  C $0.00
Negative 1-cent bounties  [go]

When a bounty is paid out on a subproject, the rounding happens in a way that can leave negative 1-cent bounties on the parent project.

  C $0.00
Show who got paid for what  [go]

Show the how much was paid to the successful submitter of a completed project, and announce the payment event to anyone watching the project.

  C $0.00
List of watchers  [go]

The activity tab of each project should display a list of users who are watching the project.

  C $0.00
Project Lead Lock  [go]

Add an optional lock on the project lead position so that the position can't be bought out by wealthy participants.

  C $0.00
corporate factory  [go]

create a clone site of foss factory for non foss code to be developed and with restricted access

  C $1.00
Bug tracker improvements  [go]

Please use this project to report any bugs, usability deficiencies, or proposed enhancements to FOSS Factory's bug tracking facility.

  C $0.00
Implicit watching for PL  [go]

Make sure that whenever project news is sent out, the project lead is notified even if he/she is not watching the project.

  C $0.00
Allow updating email address and name  [go]

In the Account Settings tab on My Factory, it should be possible to update your email address, as well as name.

  C $0.00
Fix exchange rates  [go]

Our current exchange-rate information source has dried up.   Please replace it with one that works.

  C $0.00
Recent Projects  [go]

The site template should include a list of projects that the user viewed recently.

  C $0.00
Git Integration  [go]

The purpose of this project is to improve the usability of the submission process.

  C $0.00
Update ff script to clone upstream repository  [go]

Update ff script to clone upstream repository.   Once the web interface can clone a repository from URL, the ff script can be updated so that "ff init URL" just passes the URL to the web API and results in the cloned repository.   No temporary repository need be created on the users system to achieve this.

  C $0.00
Bug p319  [go]

Reference signs in function calls are disallowed in PHP 5.4 and later.

  C $0.00
Faster new project deletion  [go]

If a brand new project is deleted within an hour of its creation, and there is not yet anybody watching it (other than the project lead and/or the project creator) and there is nobody sponsoring it, the 1-hour minimum delay should be skipped.

  C $0.16
Funding Thermometer  [go]

Create a funding thermometer graphic on each project page.   The thermometer should show how close the project is to reaching its "goal" funding.

  C $0.00
Super-resolution LED tracking  [go]

It turns out that it's not too difficult to identify the position of a bright LED in a camera with better than pixel-resolution precision.   All you have to do is compute the centroid of the illuminated pixels in the region, weighted by pixel intensity.

  C $10.97
Voting for multiple projects  [go]

Currently, the system only allows users to vote for a single project at a time.   It should allow anyone to vote for any project they like.

  C $0.23
FOSS Factory Improvements  [go]

This project is a container project for any FOSS Factory improvements.   To propose a particular improvement, create a subproject of this one.

  C $34.11
Cloning upstream repository  [go]

For any project that has no Git repository, add a widget for the project lead to create one by entering the URL of an upstream source tree.

  C $0.88
Donating to charities  [go]

Add the ability for users to donate money directly from their reserve to any of our supported charities (

  C $1.12
multiple parent projects to same subproject  [go]

subprojects must have the capacity to have multiple parent projects.

  C $4.98
Enhance the data model  [go]

Modify the data model to support multiple parents for a single project.

  C $2.48
Conceding a Dispute  [go]

When the project lead responds to a dispute, there needs to be an option to concede with comment.

  C $0.37
Bug p327  [go]

OpenID integration.

  C $2.87
Financial transaction log  [go]

Provide users with a record of their financial transactions.

  C $0.34
Partial submission acceptance  [go]

Allow submissions to be partially accepted.

  C $1.09
change paypal payment system to customized one  [go]

The paypal system must be immediately changed to a customized one created by us.

  C $0.00
PostgreSQL Transparent Scalability  [go]

Produce a version of PostgreSQL, or a database that's fully compatible with PostgreSQL, which can be scaled for performance by simply adding more computers to the system, and making very minor configuration changes.   No application changes should be necessary.

  C $130.62
MythWii w/o channel installer  [go]

Please provide a MythTV front-end for the Wii.

  C $49.79
Basic functionality  [go]

The goal of this subproject is to provide a basically-working MythTV front-end as a Wii homebrew application.

  C $19.92
Wii Channel Installer  [go]

The goal of this subproject is to provide the ability to install *any* Wii homebrew application as its own Wii channel.

  C $5.55

This member has no pending duties.

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