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Username: dmwick
Name: Dale Wick

Projects that dmwick leads:

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Extract Frames From Video Capture  [go]

Frames should be captured from a webcam or video file using the Open Computer Vision (opencv) support library.   The graphical user interface needs to support both selection of a video file, or selection of one of several cameras attached to the system.

  C $0.00
Webcam motion capture  [go]

Should be able to capture from a single perspective 3D biped motion (ie. human model) for use in skeletal animation for video games and 3D animation.

  C $219.56
MP3 player library for game developers  [go]

MP3 decoders are always an issue for homebrew game developers.   What is needed is a flexible library that can be used on a variety of consoles, but without the baggage of proprietary or GPL based licensing.

  C $227.37
Create a standalone application framework for motion capture  [go]

A standalone application framework needs to be created to act as the user interface for the mocap project.

  C $10.97

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