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Username: abbood
Name: Abdullah Bakhach

Projects that abbood leads:

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Search Evolution Mail enhancement  [go]

Improve Evolution Mail contact search by enabling its search engine to search fields other than the name field including email, phone, and most importantly Notes.   This feature is already implemented in Microsoft Outlook.

  C $13.31
competitor analysis  [go]

this is to analyze other iPhone apps out there in the same field..

  C $0.00
code only   [go]

This subproject is to submit a working solution only, without the hassle of successfully submitting it upstream or creating a distribution package for it.

  C $11.97
submitting code upstream  [go]

the code should be accepted and committed into Evolution's main tree.

  C $0.67
iFitness  [go]

competitor analysis of ifitness

  C $0.00
duties mockup  [go]

mockup for duties section in email

  C $0.00
mockup  [go]

mockup of project

  C $0.00
Ubuntu package  [go]

create a workable ubuntu package, a turnkey solution that can be installed by my grandma

  C $0.67
mockup  [go]

a png or jpeg mockup

  C $0.00
Construction of CSS and HTML   [go]

The mockups have been approved, this project is to create the html & CSS versions of the mockup..

  C $0.00
mockups   [go]

This is the container project for all the mockups necessary for this project

  C $0.00
open source version of seedio  [go]

Need a project that functions exactly like Seedio for iOS

  C $0.00
fit phone  [go]

competitive analysis of fit phone

  C $0.00
make links active  [go]

links should be active in the body of descriptions (and forum posts..)

  C $0.00
nutritional/calorie count apps  [go]

this is to group the other apps that go under the category of calorie counting and nutritional information

  C $0.00  [go] (Exercise Prescription on the Net) is a free resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast featuring comprehensive exercise libraries, fitness assessment calculators, and reference articles. The content of this web site is also available on CD-ROM.

  C $0.00
work out program sources  [go]

we need to partner with sites/programs that have work out schedules to make our app more rich and meaningful

  C $0.00
p90x   [go]   C $0.00
criticisms of app  [go]

i found some of these complaints online:

  C $0.00
pump one fit builder  [go]   C $0.00
cross fit training  [go]

cross fit program

  C $0.00
daily burn  [go]

there is the main daily burn app

  C $0.00
Improve "my projects" page  [go]

the my projects page just randomly lists all the projects someone is "involved" in.. it must be sorted

  C $0.34
ipump fitbuilder  [go]


  C $0.00
Adding more featured projects list  [go]

The featured project list must be present in more pages.

  C $0.00
Thermometer Improvements  [go]

The current funding thermometer is created and adjusted for each project independent of the project's parent, siblings, or children.   This project must make the thermometer funding goal sensitive to and affecting other related projects.  

  C $0.00
Related Projects navigation  [go]

This is to put links and buttons that assist in the navigation of the related projects tree

  C $0.00
Networking  [go]

This part will handle the networking implementation necessary for this project.   At a high level.. the networking solution must make it possible for an unlimited number of phones to join a network over Wi-fi and broadcast music. In the other words.. the throughput supported by this network must be able to handle at least the minimum bitrate necessary for a song to play on each phone on the network.

  C $0.00
edit project/bug name after creation  [go]

The project lead must be able to edit the project name or the bug name after they have created it.

  C $0.00
behavioral and demographic variables  [go]

1. frequency of usage (you can map this to how many days these people *already* work out, but you can also consider it for people who don't work out at all and would like to *start* working out.

  C $0.00
persona creation  [go]

Who is this product designed for? What ranges of behaviors, usage patterns, domain/technical expertise are we designing for?

  C $0.00
P2P architecture  [go]

p2p is a strong candidate to address the needs of the parent project.

  C $0.00
chord  [go]

chord is an algorithm for p2p implementation.

  C $0.00
User Interface and User Experience  [go]

Basically follow the same UI and UX of seedio.. you are encouraged to change the seedio UI/UX as much as you can.. extra points will be awarded for originality.

  C $0.00
integrate review board to ff  [go]

integrate the FOSS code review tool called review board to foss factory

  C $0.00
audio playback  [go]

establish a reliable way to play audio in iOS coming from an unreliable networking source (ie UDP rather than TCP).

  C $0.00
sync  [go]

other devices must be able to join an existing device broadcasting music in sync.

  C $0.00
Mike Ash book  [go]

Mike Ash has a chapter dedicated to p2p networking on the iPhone in the book 'cool iPhone projects'

  C $0.00
News Feed emails   [go]

Provide a user setting to receive FOSS Factory project-related emails as a daily or weekly digest.

  C $0.00
Hold on deposited funds  [go]

A protection measure against depositing funds from stolen credit cards: A hold on any newly deposited funds in FOSS Factory.

  C $2.01
Request design work   [go]

Under the requirements tab there should be a link that reads: "Request design work".

  C $0.40
custom links capability  [go]

people should be able to assign links to text of their choosing, ie

  C $0.34
Project news page  [go]

This page is supposed to replace the current activity tab.   In addition to mentioning the latest updates on the project, it will also be a blog for the project lead to use to promote their work and themselves.

  C $2.01

This member has no pending duties.

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