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Name: Aaron Winborn

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Media upload and distribution  [go]

The Media module offers a drop-in replacement to the basic Upload form element provided by Drupal. It provides an API for modules to hook into, so that the element can become a Rich Media GUI, offering tabs and drawers of Local files, Remote files (from S3, a cdn, YouTube, Flickr, etc), in addition to the standard 'Add file' upload button. It includes modules to override the core Drupal Upload and User Picture forms, and is supported by several multimedia handling modules, such as FileField, ImageField, Embedded Media Field, and more.

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Open learning and collaboration portal  [go]

Our goal is to build an effective learning, mentoring, and collaboration platform based on Drupal. This goal encompasses these needs:

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Create Alpha Release  [go]

The first task will be to bring to an initial alpha release. For this to be done, at least the following issues will need to be completed, and any others determined during the planned sprint to be critical.

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