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Username: Tommer
Name: Tom Rathborne

Projects that Tommer leads:

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GIMP Bug 61019 – add a 'lock' flag per layer to protect it  [go]

Add per-layer locking to GIMP. When a layer is 'locked', it cannot be repositioned, and the pixel data cannot be modified.

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MAHUS: Maybe A Hacked-Up Suexec  [go]

Please create a secure, diagnostic, permissive, temporary drop-in replacement for the Apache suexec[1] tool, based on a conversation that went like this: "Maybe a hacked-up suexec that runs everything but sends mail when it would have been disallowed? Then you don't have to watch the log, just fix things as you get email and switch to a real secure suexec once it stops sending you mail."

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GIMP Bug 421211 – add a pop-up loupe  [go]

Add a pop-up loupe to GIMP. A single keypress while using a tool should pop up a loupe magnifying the area around the cursor, allowing fine-grained cursor positioning without interrupting use of the tool. The loupe must work with all tools. The loupe's magnification levels must be adjustable as described in the enhancement request.

  C $231.04

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