Larry Smith
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Waterloo

Larry Smith is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Waterloo. He is recipient of the University of Waterloo's Distinguished Teacher Award.

Larry is also president of Essential Economics Corporation, an economic consulting practice that serves a wide range of public and private clients. The firm specializes in the economics of innovation, education and development.

He is the author of Beyond the Internet: How Expert Systems Will Truly Transform Business.

Larry advises UW students who start their own ventures and he has now taught more than ten percent of the university's alumni. In the winter 2007 term he assigned his 25,000th grade, representing almost 18,000 individuals.

Adib Saikali
Founder & President, Programming Mastery Inc.

Adib Saikali is the founder of Programming Mastery Inc. a software development consulting and training company. Since founding Programming Mastery Adib has trained & mentored over 500 developers at organizations throughout Canada, USA and Europe. Adib has contributed his work as a technical author to many publications such as Oracle Magazine, and has also spoken at several industry conferences including JavaOne. His vast technical knowledge and project experience combined with his ability to identify, research and educate others allow him to create effective training and mentoring solutions to propel his clients forward. Adib holds a Bachelor of Mathematics from University of Waterloo.

Stephen Van Egmond
Tiny Planet's owner and principal

Stephen van Egmond, Tiny Planet's owner and principal, is one of Toronto's foremost entrepreneurial web developers, with a range of technical experience on projects involving project management discipline and complex systems architecture. He led the redevelopment of into a stable, efficient service that serves millions of customers hourly and accepts over 5 orders per second. He started Tiny Planet Consulting in 2001 to bring effective, usable collaborative technologies within the reach of small organizations. His main interests are the subtle forces that foster online communities, the nuances of simple designs, and the obscure details that bring a project to completion within budget and without hassle.

Bill Snow, BMath
Consultant, Tiny Planet Consulting

Bill has consulted on or participated in dozens of Internet projects. A background in programming and human-computer interaction help to inform his focussed and practical approach to design. He has spent his consulting career delivering value to businesses by solving problems with Internet tools. Prior to launching his consulting career in 2003, Bill served as VP with the group of companies responsible for the Galaxiworld Internet Casino. His wife and three beautiful young children occupy all of Bill's time outside the consulting practice. They enjoy bike trailers, books, and breakfasts together.

Fred McLain
Systems Analyst/Senior Computing Technologist

Fred McLain has been actively developing software for over 25 years and founded several successful software development companies. Notorious for exposing security issues with existing technologies, Fred is now working as a research consultant for Boeing Phantom Works, Mathematics and Computer Technologies, where he is helping to produce secure software and data distribution to the Boeing 787.

Fred was the founder and CEO of Apropose Inc., co-founded Internet America and worked as Senior VP of Unison Group. He has worked as a senior engineer for IBM and US West (now Verizon). Fred has also worked in a lead development role and as advisor to several open source projects, including the Open Voting Consortium and the National Election Data Archive.

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