How it works

Post your software idea as a project now, sponsor it, and get access to a community that helps you design, fund and develop it. See details

  • Post your software idea as a project

    Your project will be viewed by the community, who can assist in design, funding and implementation.
  • Sponsor your project

    Attach an optional sponsorship fee to your project: Anyone who completes your project will get paid the amount.
  • Others will assist in your project's design

    There are many people out there who can help in designing your project. The community can work to develop the design without sacrificing your core requirements.
  • ... in funding

    Many people would like to see your idea developed and would be happy to help sponsor your project.
  • ... and in development

    Innovative ideas attract innovative developers. The system allows developers to collaborate in coding your project.
  • The result

    Your idea gets developed into better quality software, in a shorter time, with less cost. Best of all, it's free for everyone to use.

Browse, share and contribute to the projects that are most relevant to you. See details

  • Browse for fascinating software projects

    Find the project that interests you the most.
  • Suggest adding, modifying or deleting project features

    Your suggested changes will be viewed by the community, who will build on your suggestions.
  • The project lead's role

    If the project lead likes your suggestions, he will modify the project requirements and merge your suggestions into it.
  • You can also suggest breaking down projects

    By breaking down projects you help to refine the requirements, and to parcel out the work. This decreases developers' opportunity cost for each portion, and helps them to get paid for tangible results.
  • Approved subproject suggestions get more money

    The project lead will assign a percentage of the sponsorship to your suggested subprojects.
  • The result

    Your design contribution will be crucial to the production process, and will set the stage for development.

Look for a project that you would like to see completed soon and sponsor it to support its completion. Every penny counts! See details

  • Browse for projects that you would like to see completed

    There are great projects out there awaiting sponsorship funds to begin development. All of your sponsorship funds will go to your selected projects. FOSS Factory's business model does not infringe on the funding of projects.
  • Add funds to your reserve

    Every member has a reserve, which is your personal bank account at FOSS Factory. You can add funds to your reserve using Paypal and withdraw funds at any time. Effective use of your reserve can help you avoid PayPal fees.
  • Add sponsorship funds

    You may initiate sponsorships, or add funds to already existing pools created by other sponsors. You can transfer your funds between different projects any time.
  • Money transfers

    You only pay for projects that have been developed according to specifications. Once a submission is approved by the project lead, the funds wil be transferred to the successful candidate's reserve.
  • The result

    Your sponsorship contribution will be the backbone of the production process and will facilitate momentum within the project.

The only FOSS funding model that respects and preserves the open, collaborative spirit of the FOSS community. See details

  • Find a project that you like and start developing

    You don't have to submit a bid, you don't have to sign any contract and you can quit anytime you want.
  • There is plenty of space for you to be creative

    Most FOSS Factory projects have specific goals, but broad creative leeway for design and implementation.
  • You can develop the whole project alone, or work with others

    You could aim to collect the entire bounty yourself if you wish. However, working with others will minimize your risk and provide the benefit of early partial payment.
  • Complete your code and submit

    The way you earn money is by submitting work that satisfies the project's requirements. The faster you submit, the more likely it is you will get paid.
  • Submission approvals

    The project lead will evaluate whether your submission meets the requirements. The built-in dispute resolution system will protect you against unfair project leads.
  • The result

    Your development contribution will earn you money and will help produce free/open source software for everyone's benefit.

Take on any role you like, or every role, if you prefer. The final product is always free/open source software, so everybody wins. See details

  • Participate in any way you want

    You can be a sponsor, a designer, a developer, a project lead, or any mix of them. Roles are only defined by what you do, not who you are.
  • Take advantage!

    Every program produced here is yours to use, study, adapt, improve, and share as you please.
  • Your innovation sandbox

    Use this site as a place to throw all your crazy ideas that you don't have time to work on yourself. If others like one of your ideas, it may become reality before you know it.
  • The result

    This is your site to help you create the software you need, want or dream of.
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